Digital Access Pass

What’s included

• Eight main talks from 1 Corinthians
• Panels providing practical advice
• Interviews with workers from around the world
• Singing led by Matt Boswell and Eric McAllister
• Digital exhibit hall to meet partner organizations
• Support to ensure you receive access and stay connected


Q: Can someone older/younger than 18-25 register for the digital access pass?
A: Yes. We ask that only those age 18-25 attend our in-person conference, but all ages are welcome to register for the digital access pass.

Q: Do in-person registrants receive the digital access pass?
A: Yes, it is included with the in-person registration.

Q: How quickly will sessions be available for replay?
A: Approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of each session.

Q: Can I watch a session on a delay?
A: Yes, you can fast-forward or rewind the video player during the session. (Note: once a session concludes in real-time, it will disable the video player for all users)

Q: Do I need to register every person in my group?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the Digital Access Pass refundable?
A: No, but you can transfer the ticket to a friend by forwarding your access link to them.



JAN 2-5, 2024

Registration opens in one year