Jan. 3-5, 2024
Louisville, KY

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Our message to group leaders

We believe that the best way to experience CROSS20 is within a community that can encourage continued perseverance and discipleship beyond the last plenary talk. That’s why we long to partner with local churches and campus ministries.

We hope to support your ministry to the 18-25 year-olds in your life by adding an exclamation mark to what you’ve been saying throughout the year. Our aim is to emphasize the clarity of the gospel, the centrality of the local church, and God’s heart for the nations. 

If you’re new to CROSS, you should know that CROSS is not a lighthearted event. We aim to match the tone of the topic at hand, which we see as serious, and yet joyful. As one of our founders, John Piper, said, “We don’t urge young people to join us for CROSS to make their life easy. We urge them to join us to make their life count.”

Hosting is Simple

We provide…

You provide…

  • Invitation to your guests (make sure they’re each registered).
  • A place to watch the livestream.
  • Refreshments (optional).
  • Small group facilitators (optional).

Where to Start

In order to ensure your watch party is a success, we’ve created a Watch Party Checklist. It includes both the essentials as well as some creative ideas (that are optional) that we’ve collected from other group leaders.

How to Register Your Group

Option 1:
You register everyone

Register the number of people who will attend your watch party. If you don’t know the exact number, you can always add to your registration even the day of CROSS20. Just be sure to use the same email address each time you register.

How it will work
On December 28, we will email you a unique link that will provide you livestream access. If there are members in your group that for whatever reason are unable to join in-person, you can forward them the unique link we’ve sent you. The link will provide access to the number of people you registered. So for example, if you registered 20 people, you could forward the unique livestream access link to all 20 to watch individually, if for whatever reason your group was unable to gather.

Option 2:
Each individual registers

Register yourself and direct those who plan to attend your watch party to register themselves on the CROSS website. If someone decides they want to join last minute, not a problem—registration will be open during the livestream.

How it will work
On December 28, we will email unique access links to everyone that has registered. This means that each individual in your group could watch CROSS20 utilizing their livestream link, but we strongly encourage your group to still gather. You can use the link from any member in your group to broadcast on a TV or projector.

Other Resources

Any Questions?

Send us an email or set up a short video call. We’d love to help!