Volunteering at CROSS CON21

CROSS is a conference for at 18-25 year olds and their leaders to encourage them in the most loving cause in the universe: bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into the everlasting joy of knowing and worshiping Jesus. We hope to partner with volunteers who aim to serve joyfully and help our attendees to this end.

General Information

Thanks for your interest in becoming a volunteer for CROSS CON21. Our conference can’t run without the help of our volunteers. Your service to us and all the attendees is much appreciated. Below, please read through the general FAQs for common questions and general information regarding your volunteer service. If you are still interested in applying, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

All volunteers will get conference giveaways (books!), meals during the time of service, complimentary registration, and one new T-shirt for each day of service (excluding the breakdown team). Travel and lodging are the volunteer’s responsibility. We recommend you look at our hotels to see available options as we have tried to negotiate deals with downtown hotel vendors.

Important Clothing Note: Volunteer shirts are short-sleeved. These T-shirts must be your outermost layer of clothing, so if you need more layers, plan to wear a long sleeve base layer under your volunteer shirt and size the T-shirt accordingly.

Will I be able to hear the main talks?

Set-up and Registration Team volunteers can attend all main conference sessions except for Set-up Team 3, who may miss the first main session on day one. Breakdown Team volunteers can attend all but the final session. All other teams can attend all sessions; however, there will be times when volunteers will need to arrive late or leave early from a session to be in place to serve conference attendees.

How will I know what to do and where to be?

If your application is accepted, each volunteer team will be assigned a mandatory orientation time at the start of the designated service time. You must attend the team orientation! Therefore, it’s vital that you arrive on time for your orientation. Please keep this in mind when selecting your team preferences.

May I bring my child to volunteer with me?

Volunteers are not permitted to bring children or infants to assist them during their volunteer service time, and unfortunately, there is no childcare.

What if my application is not selected?

We will notify you.

If my application is selected, do I still need to register for the conference?

No, your volunteer application will serve as your registration for the conference. Do not register through the CROSS CON21 registration link.

When will I hear whether I am accepted to be a volunteer?

We process applications on a rolling basis. At this point, you should expect to hear back from us by the end of October 2021.

Applications require a headshot of yourself.

This lets us make a photo directory for our captains. These photos are for internal use only. The images you submit will not be on your volunteer badge or shared on the conference website.

Photography and Video Recording Consent

By applying to be a volunteer for CROSS CON21, you consent that we may take photos of you during your service time.  We may use these for advertising or promoting our products, services, and events.

Volunteer Teams

Service Times
Meals Provided
Job Description
Set Up 1
12/28 8am-4pm
Orientation: 8:00am
Tues: B & L Assist in various set-up tasks.
Set Up 2
12/29 8am-4pm
Orientation: 8:00am
Tues: B & L Assist in various set-up tasks.
Set Up 3
12/29 10am-6pm
Orientation: 10:00am
Wed: B & L & D Assist in various set-up tasks.
12/29 1pm-7pm
Orientation: 1:00pm
Wed: L & D Welcome and process registrants
Look items up in TicketSpice (as required)
Survey Table
Orientation: 4:00 pm
Wed: D
Thur & Fri: B, L, & D
Sat: B
Staff a booth in the exhibit hall during exhibit hours
Verify attendees fill out survey
Distribute gifts (book) to people who complete survey
Manage lines as required
Orientation: 4:00 pm
Wed: D
Thur & Fri: B, L, & D
Sat: B & L
Leaves main sessions 15 min early to start duty
Welcome attendees
Direct attendees to various locations
Orientation: 1:00 pm
Wed: L & D
Thur & Fri: B, L, & D
Sat: B & L
Stock Tables
Help customers find titles
Process Sales (iPad based)
Assist with loss prevention
Livestream Support
Orientation: 5:00 pm
Wed: D
Thur & Fri: B, L, & D
Sat: B & L
Answer Live Stream question on our support chat room.
You will not be abel to attend live the vast majority of main sessions on this team.
Special Projects
Orientation: 5:00 pm
Wed: D
Thur & Fri: B, L, & D
Sat: B & L
Lend assistance wherever needed.
Majority of effort will be during free afternoons on Thursday and Friday.
1/1 11am-9pm
Orientation: 11:00 am
Sat: L & D Assist in removal of all conference signage
Pack up bookstore and giveaways
Load trucks



Email Mark at volunteer@crosscon.com.