John Piper: “The Mission Will Not Be Finished Without Martyrs”

At our last conference, John Piper shared a short biography of two missionaries who paid the ultimate price to proclaim Christ.
We hope this video on the martyrdom of John and Betty Stam will encourage you to make your life count in a world of desperate need.

John Stam’s Final Words

When the Stams were captured by their persecutors, John was able to write a letter to his missions agency, informing them of the situation: “All our possessions and stores are in their hands, but we praise God for peace in our hearts.” Despite their dire situation, John’s letter was filled with God-centered hope.

The letter ends with a desperate prayer based on Philippians 1:20:

β€œThe Lord bless and guide you and as for us, may God be glorified, whether by life or by death.”

John Stam

John and Betty Stam laid down their lives for the most loving cause in the universe: making the name of Jesus known in every corner of the world. This is a cause worth giving our lives for. Some will lay down their lives to go to the nations β€” a path that may end in martyrdom. Some will lay down their lives to send to the nations β€” a life of self-denial, generous giving, and urgent prayer. But everyone has a part to play in God’s grand, glorious, gracious, global plan.

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