My Spouse’s Call

Keri Folmar | CROSS 2016

In her talk, Keri Folmar shares how the purpose of marriage is to spread God’s image to the rest of the world and looks at how individual calling’s inside of marriage can work to bring about that goal. She encourages women who are married to focus on the gifts that they enjoy while also working to support the ministry of their husband. She finishes her time with some Q&A and provides some very practical advice to those interested in living on the mission field.

Unique Challenges of the Life of a Woman on the Mission Field

CROSS 2016

In this talk, Catherine Pratt and Leeann Stiles share some of the unique challenges that a woman may face on the mission field including fear, loss, suffering, and the heightening of emotions. Along with these, they address the challenge of various life situations including singleness, marriage, and team dynamics.

Women in Missions: A (Selective) History

Kathleen Nielson | CROSS 2013

How have women played a crucial part in the spread of the gospel to the nations of the world? Why is it important to look back to women who have helped pave the way? In this breakout session, Kathleen peers into the lives of several of them to help us answer these questions, and to help spur us on today.

Panel: My Spouse’s Call

Keri Folmar | CROSS 2013

How do you know when your spouse is “called” to missions and what does that mean? How is one to digest and faithfully lead and/or submit to their spouse as they seek to become a missionary? Mark Dever interviews John and Keri Folmar to answer questions like these.

Embracing Femininity: From Creation Mandate to Missions Mandate

Kristie Anyabwile | CROSS 2013

The world tells us to embrace many things–people, causes, change, self. However, in a society with rapidly changing norms about gender, we are not encouraged to embrace femininity. In this session, Kristie Anyabwile turns to God’s Word for a biblical theology on how the creation mandate and missions mandate aid us in embracing femininity.

Unique Opportunities for Women

Gloria Furman | CROSS 2013

God has uniquely equipped women for service in cross-cultural contexts. How has God empowered women for overseas ministry and what kinds of opportunities are out there? Gloria Furman speaks to the vast array of possibilities for women in overseas ministry as she shares some from her own personal life.