Panel: Veteran Missionaries

CROSS 2016

David Platt interviews Mack and Leeann Stiles and Zane and Catherine Pratt to ask them questions about their years of experience on the mission field. They provide advice on marriage, share some difficulties that they have faced, and ultimately express God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Honor Thy Father and Mother

Afshin Ziafat | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Afshin Ziafat shares what it means to honor your father and mother as you think through God’s calling on your life. He focuses especially on those whose parents might not be happy about their son or daughter’s interest in going to an unreached people group and he aims to provide some practical wisdom in how we can still show those parents honor.

Bi-Cultural Parents and Third Culture Kids: Raising Families Overseas

CROSS 2016

In their talk, Mack and Leeann Stiles share some of the exciting opportunities that their family has had by parenting overseas while also sharing the difficulties that they faced. Through it all, they give clear testimony to the faithfulness of God.

What About My Own Issues? Debt, Purity, Relational Mess and More

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2013

Do your own issues preclude you from going to the mission field? The place to begin thinking about this is realizing that all missionaries are sinners who live in a fallen world. Zane Pratt teaches on how to navigate this reality and life situations while considering cross-cultural missions.


Missions Now Through Cross Cultural Friendships

David Lawrence | CROSS 2013

The Good News about Jesus has transformed your life, and now you want to take this message to the nations. Believe it or not, the nations are represented on your university campus and in your dorms and neighborhoods! And did you know you can you share the Gospel in another country and earn college credit at the same time? David Lawrence expounds on these opportunities in this talk.

African-Americans in Missions

Tim Byrd | CROSS 2013

God sovereignly calls all believers to fulfill the great commission, regardless of their ethnicity. African Americans are a part of a unique story in foreign missions that is seldom told. Tim steps into the African American story and examines their involvement in the history of missions, the complexities of today, and the unlimited potential of tomorrow.

Complementarianism in Missions

Ligon Duncan | CROSS 2013

What do authority and submission look like in missionary relationships, the Christian life, and the church? In this breakout session, Ligon Duncan defines complementarianism, he explains why it matters in missions, and he presents four specific challenges to complementarianism in mission.

Raising a Family Overseas

CROSS 2013

This topic of raising a family overseas is pertinent to audiences of singles as well as married couples because it is so important to have a biblical vision on how to raise your family in a godly way while on the mission field, before you get a family. In this breakout session, Brian and Joanne Parks share personally about the challenges and joys of raising a family overseas.