Testimony from Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd | CROSS 2016

Tim Byrd shares his call to the South Africa when he was 22 years old and details some of the experiences that he has had during his time on the field.


CROSS 2016

This video highlights the history of CROSS and shows some of the faces that have CROSSed. If CROSS has impacted you in such a way that you have either gone on a mission’s trip or are currently on the field, please email us and let us know: info@CROSSforthenations.org

Panel: Veteran Missionaries

CROSS 2016

David Platt interviews Mack and Leeann Stiles and Zane and Catherine Pratt to ask them questions about their years of experience on the mission field. They provide advice on marriage, share some difficulties that they have faced, and ultimately express God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Panel: How the Holy Spirit Calls and Leads Us in Mission

CROSS 2016

David Platt, Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, Richard Chin, and Zane Pratt discuss what it practically means for the Holy Spirit to call and lead us in our lives.

Panel: The Hope of CROSS

CROSS 2016

Thabiti Anyabwile, Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, Mack Stiles, and David Platt share the purpose of CROSS and what they hope to see God accomplish through this conference.

Testimony from Josh Manley

Josh Manley | CROSS 2016

Josh Manley shares how God has used he and his family in Ras al-Khaimah to help plant a church to reach the UAE with the gospel.

Testimony from Abi Yoder

Abi Yoder | CROSS 2016

Abi Yoder, a CROSS attendee in 2013 and viewer in 2015, shares her experience learning a new language and a new culture in order to share the gospel with a group of people who have never heard it before.

The Doctrine of Christ and the Call to Global Missions

Kevin DeYoung | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Kevin DeYoung shares about the authority of Jesus and how he is worthy of our worship. It is not enough for people to accept the morality of his teachings; people must accept Jesus himself. He is the only way to the Father and his name must be proclaimed to all of those who are lost.

The Role of the Holy Spirit in World Evangelism

John Piper | CROSS 2016

In his talk, John Piper shares the necessity of the Holy Spirit’s work in salvation. Apart from his work, we are all far from God and without hope, but praise be to God that the Spirit opens eyes and causes us to magnify Christ. His purpose is to fill believers with the power that is needed to be witnesses for Jesus and to take his gospel to the ends of the earth.

You, the Church, and the Great Commission

Conrad Mbewe | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Conrad Mbewe points out the centrality of the local church in missions. God’s plan for reaching the world is not something that must be discovered or invented because it has already been laid out in His Word. Through the establishment of local churches and the faithfulness of humble servants, God will accomplish His plan of reaching the lost with the gospel.

The Lordship of Christ NOW

Mack Stiles | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Mack Stiles shares what it looks like to live under the lordship of Christ and the necessity of submitting to him now. He urges students to see Jesus as the treasure and great reward that is worth following no matter what the circumstances.

Hell is Real. Time is Short. Jesus says, “Go.”

Thabiti Anyabwile | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Thabiti Anyabwile shares from Matthew 24 on the reality of hell and the urgency of our mission. Hell is not a side doctrine, but is a central doctrine– it is what Jesus saves us from. For this reason, we must seek to be faithful servants who go and share the gospel with those who have never heard it.

Don’t Waste Your Geography

Elias Medeiros | CROSS 2016

In his brief talk, Elias Medeiros shares how we are to be faithful ambassadors of Christ no matter where God has placed us. We are in our current locations not simply by coincidence, but because God has providentially placed us there for his specific purpose. Therefore, let us not waste the current opportunities He has given, but let us seek to share Christ in all places and all circumstances.

Missionary Living in a Hostile World

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2016

In his brief talk, Zane Pratt shares what its like living as a missionary in a hostile world. He lays out practical advice for those interested in becoming a missionary that includes the importance of being a growing disciple of Christ and locking down what you believe before you get on the field. Your beliefs will shape the ministry you do. If you are looking to plant healthy churches that are made up of growing disciples you need to know what a healthy church is and need to be able to show people how they can grow as disciples of Christ.

The Sending Gospel

Afshin Ziafat | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Afshin Ziafat shares how a proper understanding of the gospel is fuel for discipleship and mission. He shares the importance of continually setting our gaze on Christ and trusting him to be our satisfaction in every area of our life.

Go, Send, or Disobey

J.D. Greear | CROSS 2016

In his talk, J.D. Greear shares how disciples of Jesus can either go to the unreached, send others to the unreached, or disobey God’s call. It can be easy to think that in order for God to use us, we need some new abilities that God has not yet given us, but in reality it’s all about our availability to God; obedience in a few seconds accomplishes more than talent does in a whole lifetime.

Christ Our Great Reward

David Platt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, David Platt shares how there are incredible opportunities right now in the world for the spread of the gospel among people groups who have never heard about Jesus. We can either retreat in fear or we can trust in God’s Word and go out bearing His name because we know that the sovereign God of the universe is with us!

Gaining Access to Unreached People

David Platt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, David Platt explains how college students can creatively find ways to reach people who are currently unreached. He shares five essentials to gaining access: 1.) A biblical view of the world 2.) A practical theology of work 3.) A willingness to relinquish our rights for the spread of the gospel 4.) A willingness to rearrange our lives for the spread of the gospel 5.) A willingness to run a long, hard race for the glory of our God.

The Theology of Risk: When is it Right and Wrong

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Zane Pratt shares a theology of risk and demonstrates from Scripture how missions has always been dangerous. He goes on to provide three biblical realities that should shape our theology of risk: 1.) God is sovereign 2.) Suffering is normal 3.) Jesus is worth it.

Reaching Muslims for Christ

Afshin Ziafat | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Afshin Ziafat shares how we can better reach Muslims for Christ. He begins by providing a brief history of Islam and then points to the key differences between Christianity and Islam in order to provide helpful talking points that Christians can use in future conversations.

Landscape of Missions in Africa

Conrad Mbewe | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Conrad Mbewe shares the current landscape of Christianity in Africa and shares some of the dangers and misconceptions of the spread of Christianity that has taken place. He explains Africa’s need for healthy churches and good doctrine because in many of the “churches” throughout Africa, sound doctrine is absent. This means that there are many opportunities right now in Africa for missionaries to come and help spread the pure gospel to those who have never heard it.

Business as Mission

Dennis Ju | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Dennis Ju shares his story of how God has used his job to further missions around the world and provides ideas of how others can use their professional vocation to either be a faithful sender or goer.

Mobilizing Minorities: Overcoming Obstacles to Getting on the Field

CROSS 2016

In this talk, we hear from Thabiti Anyabwile, Tim Byrd, and Elias Medeiros as they share the importance of finding our identity in Christ. They share ways in which as a missionary, we become a minority in whatever new culture we are confronted with and the necessity of focusing on who we are in Jesus.

Landscape of Missions in Europe

Matthew Spandler-Davison | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Matthew Spandler-Davison shares the current landscape of missions in Europe. He focuses both on the challenges of doing ministry in Europe as well as the exciting opportunities that are available to see lost people come to Christ .