Reaching Muslims for Christ

Afshin Ziafat | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Afshin Ziafat shares how we can better reach Muslims for Christ. He begins by providing a brief history of Islam and then points to the key differences between Christianity and Islam in order to provide helpful talking points that Christians can use in future conversations.

Biography: The Life of Hudson Taylor

John Piper | CROSS 2016

In his talk, John Piper explains how God has used biographies to encourage and motivate obedience in his own life and he encourages those listening to utilize them as well. During this session, he focuses his attention on the life of Hudson Taylor and shares several lessons that can be learned from his life.

The History of Student Missions

John Piper | CROSS 2013

For centuries now, college students have played a crucial role in the missionary effort. Looking back to the Second Great Awakening until today, John Piper shares the history of student missions. Please pray that the Lord would see fit to use CROSS 2013, as a key moment in this history, to encourage many students to abandon their lives for the sake of the gospel among unreached peoples.

You have the permission of CROSS to download and use this film in your small group or conference as long as it is not altered in any way. Permission is also granted to those wanting to add subtitles for translation purposes.

Missions and the Reformation: Did Anyone Give a Rip?

Elias Medeiros | CROSS 2013

Looking at the years 1555-1664, Elias Medeiros explains what has been said and spread about the Reformers (especially John Calvin) and the propagation of the gospel to all the nations. He looks at where the Reformation started and who started it. He argues that it may not be what people typically read; he offers two case studies and resources for further study.

Missionary Biography: William Tyndale

John Piper | CROSS 2013

John Piper advocates for reading biographies of valiant, faith-filled saints, who were sinful, broken people who God chose to use. God can use you! In this breakout session, John looks at the life and incredible ministry of William Tyndale to encourage students in missions.

Gospel Opportunities in a Globalized World

D.A. Carson | CROSS 2013

How has the globalization of the world brought about gospel opportunities? What difference does it make to talk about a globalized world? What does it mean that, “in world mission today, it’s no longer a question of the West and ‘the rest’?” D.A. Carson addresses questions like these in this breakout session.

Missionary Biography: John G. Paton

John Piper | CROSS 2013

John Piper looks at the life of missionary John G. Paton to encourage students to be bold in sharing the gospel and to consider becoming missionaries. GlancingĀ at the example of Paul in Ephesians 6 and how this corresponds to Paton’s life, John Piper will draw out of his life lessons concerning courage.

Conference Recap

CROSS 2013

From Dec. 27-30, 2013 — thousands of college students gathered in Louisville, KY to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and consider their role in his gospel going forth to the unreached peoples of the world. This is but a brief snapshot of their four days at the first CROSS Conference!


The History of Mercy Ministry and Gospel Proclamation: Successes and Failures

Andy Davis | CROSS 2013

Throughout history, God has called the church of Jesus Christ to passionate involvement in proclamation of the gospel and alleviating human suffering through mercy ministry. Unfortunately, the church has not always maintained a healthy relationship between these two vital aspects of mission. Both Scripture and church history give us rich lessons on how best to be faithful in freeing people from both eternal and temporal suffering.

Missionary Biography: Adoniram Judson

John Piper | CROSS 2013

John Piper shares his reasons why biographies should be a key part of every Christian’s library. They are an efficient way of learning, they are enlivening to his faith and they inspire him to do things. In this breakout session John expounds on the life on Adoniram Judson to encourage students to participate in missions.