Panel: Veteran Missionaries

CROSS 2016

David Platt interviews Mack and Leeann Stiles and Zane and Catherine Pratt to ask them questions about their years of experience on the mission field. They provide advice on marriage, share some difficulties that they have faced, and ultimately express God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Panel: How the Holy Spirit Calls and Leads Us in Mission

CROSS 2016

David Platt, Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, Richard Chin, and Zane Pratt discuss what it practically means for the Holy Spirit to call and lead us in our lives.

The #1 Reason Missionaries Go Home

Paul Akin | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Paul Akin shares the #1 reason missionaries leave the mission field and go home.

Missions in Asia

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Zane Pratt shares about the mission work that has taken place in Asia and also begins to share what work still needs to be done.

Who On Earth Are We Talking About? Naming the Unreached and Unengaged

CROSS 2015

Thabiti Anyabwile, John Piper, Mack Stiles, Kevin DeYoung, and David Platt discuss and break down the common terms often used in the context of missions. What is a “missionary?” What specifically are “unreached” or “unengaged” people groups? What is the aim of missions? Join these brothers as they discuss and clarify these terms, challenging and encouraging one another along the way.

Putting the Spread of the Gospel at Risk One Click At a Time

Kevin DeYoung | CROSS 2015

Kevin DeYoung provides a stinging yet graceful meditation on the dangers of the plague of pornography besetting so many young Christian men and women. Looking at the prophet Ezekiel’s ministry to the nation of Israel, DeYoung reminds listeners why their personal holiness is massively relevant to the happiness of the nations. There is at least one thing we can all do to help the spread of the gospel among the nations, DeYoung says, “put away the porn.”

Clever Missionaries Need Not Apply

Mack Stiles | CROSS 2015

Mack Stiles walks through seven different aspects of modern missionary service that showcase how too many missionaries today are more devoted to cleverness, not faithfulness. He lays out the basic gospel message and reminds us why that is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel, not our wit, is what unreached peoples of the world need.

Don’t Mortgage the Mission

Thabiti Anyabwile | CROSS 2015

Thabiti Anyabwile delves into the biggest decisions students, especially those headed to the missions field, are considering: debt, marriage, professions, and how to faithfully honor one’s parents. Exhorting listeners with anecdotal testimonies of grace from his own life, and bolstering those with the wisdom of Proverbs and other Scriptures, Anyabwile offers pertinent counsel for potential missionaries here at home who hope to go the field there among unreached peoples.

What is a Missionary?

Mack Stiles | CROSS 2013

What qualifies someone as a missionary? Are all Christians missionaries? Why or why not? Mack Stiles tackles fundamental questions like these in this breakout.


What are Unreached Peoples?

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2013

Reaching unreached peoples with the gospel is the heart of CROSS. But how would one accurately identify unreached peoples? Zane Pratt answers in this breakout session.

Spiritual Life

Richard Chin | CROSS 2013

Every Christian should be a disciple-maker. Every Christian has a gift for the building up of the church. The evangelization of the entire world will only come through Christians crossing ethno- and linguistic-cultural barriers. Richard Chin provides convincing arguments to these claims in this breakout session.

Raising Up a Generation of Losers: Why This Generation Is Primed to Lose It All For The Sake Of The Gospel

Tim Byrd | CROSS 2013

In times past God has raised up different movements on universities throughout the world to be launching pads to the unreached nations! With a passion for the glory of Christ in their hearts these young men and women, left both promising careers and loving families behind to spread the gospel to unreached people groups. Today through more training, technology and mission agencies university students have a great opportunity to leverage their lives for the sake of Christ if they are simply willing to lose it.

Christlam: Understanding Syncretism

Thabiti Anyabwile | CROSS 2013

What factors produce the syncretistic world we live in? How does this affect Christian’s understanding of missions? Thabiti looks at John 14 during this interactive breakout to answer questions like these.

What Cultural Habits Are You Packing?

Conrad Mbewe | CROSS 2013

It is often the case that when you embrace cross-cultural ministry and leave your home culture behind, you will often be met with friction. What are you inadvertently throwing into your suitcase that you should leave behind? How do we discover and adjust our own cultural assumptions and comforts? Why is this important for those who will enter the mission field? Conrad Mbewe covers this topic in this breakout session.

Understanding the Place of Cooperation and Separation

Mark Dever | CROSS 2013

What do associations have to agree on to cooperate for missions? What can you disagree on? How do you do agree and disagree? What should you be aware of? These are some of the questions addressed by Mark Dever in this talk.

Latinos in Missions

Juan Sanchez | CROSS 2013

While the Spanish crown and the church managed to fend off the Protestant Reformation in the Spanish-speaking world, we have begun to witness the embers of the Reformation in pockets of Latin America. It is possible that we are on the verge of a full-fledged Spanish Reformation that is recovering the authority of Scripture, the sovereign grace of God in salvation, and an indigenous missions movement.

Honor Thy Father and Mother?

Michael Oh | CROSS 2013

What does honoring your father and mother mean for someone who may desire to go overseas but their parents disagree with their decision? In this breakout session, Michael Oh shares some personal stories from his upbringing as he speaks to this biblical issue of honoring your father and mother.

How Far Is Too Far? Contextualization and the Gospel.

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2013

Every Christian is worshipping in a contextualized church. So, what exactly is “contextualization” and how do we carefully go about doing it? In this breakout session, Zane Pratt helps his listeners realize that most of our churches today are not worshipping in the way that first century New Testament churches would have. Does that mean therefore that we are worshipping in unbiblical ways? Zane weighs in on this and seeks to shed light on this topic.

Five Surprising Motivations for Mission (Session III)

Kevin DeYoung | CROSS 2013

Far from being obstacles for mission, Kevin DeYoung shares why the five points of Calvinism are surprising motivators for missions. In fact, belief in an electing, sovereign, all-powerful God is the only thing that keeps one humble in the midst of results and hopeful when there are none. Many may ask why anyone would go if God has only called some. But the Bible asks, “Why would anyone go unless God has certainly called some?”

The Call of Christ: Inspired, Informed, Confirmed (Session VI)

Mack Stiles | CROSS 2013

In this session, Mack Stiles upholds biblical criteria one should use when discerning a “call” to missions. Mere inward and emotional certainty is not enough. The missionary’s call should be inspired by the Word of God, informed by the content of the gospel, and externally confirmed by the church.


What Do Cross-Cultural Missionaries Cross Cultures For? (Session VIII)

Michael Oh | CROSS 2013

Michael Oh of the Lausanne Movement calls Christians to care about all types of global suffering, especially eternal suffering. In this, the church functions as both prophet and servant — boldly heralding the truth of God’s Word while simultaneously seeking to serve others’ needs in showing the compassion of Christ. Individual Christians, too, will suffer and should use these moments — as often as the Lord brings them — to endure in faith and to hold out the gospel as the only true and lasting alleviation from suffering.

Mobilizing God’s Army for the Great Commission (Session X)

David Platt | CROSS 2013

To close CROSS 2013, David Platt delivers a clarion call to all Christians, imploring them to consider what their obedience to the Great Commission looks like. For many, it will be as stateside senders; for some, it will be as lifelong goers; for others, it will be as offerings poured out en route to give the gospel to yet-to-be-reached peoples. In every scenario — in going and sending and even in dying — God is achieving His incontrovertible purpose: the supremacy of the glory of God in the Christ-exalting joy of all peoples.

Panel with Mack & Leann Stiles, Zane & Catherine Pratt, and Mark Dever

CROSS 2013

What are some realities of missionary life? Why should or why shouldn’t a person become a missionary? Who determines this? Mark Dever interviews missionaries who have spent decades on the field to answer fundamental questions like these.

Panel with John Piper and Mark Dever

CROSS 2013

Mark Dever interviews John Piper about why he’s not a missionary, the relationship between marriage and missions, and what tricky terms like “missionary,” “unreached,” and “calling” actually mean. This discussion helps clarify the distinction in role between the individual Christian and the local church, while also giving Piper the opportunity to squelch the notion that Calvinism kills missions and evangelism. See more panels and talks given at CROSS 2013 at