You Were Built to Brag

Trip Lee | CROSS 2016

In his brief talk, Trip Lee shares how we were built to brag about our Creator, God. Sadly, the majority of the world has spent their lives bragging about themselves and have missed the One who is worthy of all praise and adoration. We, as God’s ambassadors, have the privilege of taking His good news to those who are lost and sharing it with them.

The Doctrine of Christ and the Call to Global Missions

Kevin DeYoung | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Kevin DeYoung shares about the authority of Jesus and how he is worthy of our worship. It is not enough for people to accept the morality of his teachings; people must accept Jesus himself. He is the only way to the Father and his name must be proclaimed to all of those who are lost.

The Role of the Holy Spirit in World Evangelism

John Piper | CROSS 2016

In his talk, John Piper shares the necessity of the Holy Spirit’s work in salvation. Apart from his work, we are all far from God and without hope, but praise be to God that the Spirit opens eyes and causes us to magnify Christ. His purpose is to fill believers with the power that is needed to be witnesses for Jesus and to take his gospel to the ends of the earth.

The Lordship of Christ NOW

Mack Stiles | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Mack Stiles shares what it looks like to live under the lordship of Christ and the necessity of submitting to him now. He urges students to see Jesus as the treasure and great reward that is worth following no matter what the circumstances.

Hell is Real. Time is Short. Jesus says, “Go.”

Thabiti Anyabwile | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Thabiti Anyabwile shares from Matthew 24 on the reality of hell and the urgency of our mission. Hell is not a side doctrine, but is a central doctrine– it is what Jesus saves us from. For this reason, we must seek to be faithful servants who go and share the gospel with those who have never heard it.

The Sending Gospel

Afshin Ziafat | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Afshin Ziafat shares how a proper understanding of the gospel is fuel for discipleship and mission. He shares the importance of continually setting our gaze on Christ and trusting him to be our satisfaction in every area of our life.

The Glories of God Who Saves

Richard Chin | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Richard Chin shares from Psalm 96 how all of creation glories in God because of his righteous judgment and gracious salvation. The steadfast love of God is breathtaking and when properly understood it should stagger us. As Christians, we have the privilege of singing the song of God’s steadfast love with the hope that it might become the song of others around the world.

Christ Our Great Reward

David Platt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, David Platt shares how there are incredible opportunities right now in the world for the spread of the gospel among people groups who have never heard about Jesus. We can either retreat in fear or we can trust in God’s Word and go out bearing His name because we know that the sovereign God of the universe is with us!

The Theology of Risk: When is it Right and Wrong

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Zane Pratt shares a theology of risk and demonstrates from Scripture how missions has always been dangerous. He goes on to provide three biblical realities that should shape our theology of risk: 1.) God is sovereign 2.) Suffering is normal 3.) Jesus is worth it.

The Spiritual Life of a Missionary

Richard Chin | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Richard Chin shares how a missionary is to be exemplary in his spiritual life. He focuses his attention on the books of Ephesians and specifically looks at the references to the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit empowers a missionary’s spiritual life in being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Wanted: Healthy Churches, Not Lone Rangers

John Folmar | CROSS 2016

In his talk, John Folmar shares the importance of healthy churches around the world and provides ways that those interested in missions can help build healthy churches globally.

Undaunted by the Darkness: Invincible Joy for the Sake of the Nations

John Piper | CROSS 2015

John Piper opens CROSS 2015 with a clarion call for Christians to love unreached peoples by sharing with them the hope of the joy of everlasting friendship with Jesus. This joy, Piper asserts, is the motivation and end of death defying missions. This joy is the light that pierces and penetrates the darkness that plagues unreached peoples and motivates them to other mighty movements for Christ.

People are Inadequate. “But God…”

Isaac Adams | CROSS 2015

Emcee of CROSS 2013 and 2015, Isaac Adams shared a spoken-word poetry piece reflecting on the inadequacy of humans in light of the full, omnipotent sufficiency of God — most wondrously displayed in Christians’ salvation through Christ. Walking through the Bible to show how God has been pleased to use the foolish and the weak, Adams exhorts missionaries to remember that Christians walk by faith, not by fruit. God’s people are not mighty, “but God” is!

Trip Lee Kick-Off

Trip Lee | CROSS 2013

Before speaking of how and why to share the gospel with the nations, CROSS wanted to make clear what that gospel was. Trip Lee began CROSS 2013 by doing just that by teaching throughout his rapping on the truths of the gospel.

The Chief End of Missions: The Supremacy of God in the Joy of All Peoples (Session I)

John Piper | CROSS 2013

“The chief end of missions is the supremacy of God in the joy of all peoples.” These two ends are of an identical essence, totally and completely inseparable, for the only gladness that lasts is a gladness in the glory of God. This reality frees us from choosing either the glory of God or compassion for the lost as the primary desire for missions.

Beauty from Ashes: The Plight of Man and the Purposes of God (Session II)

Thabiti Anyabwile | CROSS 2013

In Romans 1:13-18, the apostle Paul describes a life unashamed of the gospel, eager to proclaim Christ in places where He has yet to be named. Paul is eager because the gospel is the best news in the universe, containing divine power and providing in Christ the singular salvation from God’s holy, righteous, and personal wrath. The only thing that turns away the wrath of God is Jesus.

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ — The Good News of a Bloody Cross (Session IV)

Conrad Mbewe | CROSS 2013

To speak of God’s wrath evokes all different sorts of emotions and reaction in people. Yet the horrific death of Christ and his glorious resurrection is the greatest news that mankind could ever hear given that with each day, humans store up God’s righteous judgment and wrath. Believing this news necessitates announcing it.

Seeing Jesus Properly: The Lord to Gladly Obey Forever (Session V)

Richard Chin | CROSS 2013

Richard Chin preaches from Mark 8 in order to show that a proper view of Jesus demands a proper response to Jesus. Because He is the Son of Man whose kingdom will never end, His followers confidently and joyfully take up their cross and obediently take the gospel to those who do not know Him.

The Life Worth Living for Christ Is a Life Worth Losing (Session VII)

Matt Chandler | CROSS 2013

Matt Chandler unpacks the life of the apostle Paul as proof positive that there’s no such thing as a person beyond God’s saving mercy. In fact, his post-conversion commitment to evangelism and, even more, his Christ-exalting fearlessness in the midst suffering depicts the truth of his words in Philippians 1:21: “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” May the same be said of all God’s people, that a better day is coming where we will receive our reward and see — finally — our treasured King face to face.