The Role of the Church in Missions


Panel: Veteran Missionaries

CROSS 2016

David Platt interviews Mack and Leeann Stiles and Zane and Catherine Pratt to ask them questions about their years of experience on the mission field. They provide advice on marriage, share some difficulties that they have faced, and ultimately express God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Panel: The Role of the Church

CROSS 2016

Kevin DeYoung, John Folmar, Conrad Mbewe, and Afshin Ziafat discuss how the church is the way in which God will spread his gospel to the nations. Therefore, they go into detail about the importance of Christians loving and serving their local now and then aiming to see healthy local churches planted around the world.

You, the Church, and the Great Commission

Conrad Mbewe | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Conrad Mbewe points out the centrality of the local church in missions. God’s plan for reaching the world is not something that must be discovered or invented because it has already been laid out in His Word. Through the establishment of local churches and the faithfulness of humble servants, God will accomplish His plan of reaching the lost with the gospel.

Missionary Living in a Hostile World

Zane Pratt | CROSS 2016

In his brief talk, Zane Pratt shares what its like living as a missionary in a hostile world. He lays out practical advice for those interested in becoming a missionary that includes the importance of being a growing disciple of Christ and locking down what you believe before you get on the field. Your beliefs will shape the ministry you do. If you are looking to plant healthy churches that are made up of growing disciples you need to know what a healthy church is and need to be able to show people how they can grow as disciples of Christ.

Go, Send, or Disobey

J.D. Greear | CROSS 2016

In his talk, J.D. Greear shares how disciples of Jesus can either go to the unreached, send others to the unreached, or disobey God’s call. It can be easy to think that in order for God to use us, we need some new abilities that God has not yet given us, but in reality it’s all about our availability to God; obedience in a few seconds accomplishes more than talent does in a whole lifetime.

The Glories of God Who Saves

Richard Chin | CROSS 2016

In his talk, Richard Chin shares from Psalm 96 how all of creation glories in God because of his righteous judgment and gracious salvation. The steadfast love of God is breathtaking and when properly understood it should stagger us. As Christians, we have the privilege of singing the song of God’s steadfast love with the hope that it might become the song of others around the world.

Christ Our Great Reward

David Platt | CROSS 2016

In his talk, David Platt shares how there are incredible opportunities right now in the world for the spread of the gospel among people groups who have never heard about Jesus. We can either retreat in fear or we can trust in God’s Word and go out bearing His name because we know that the sovereign God of the universe is with us!

How do I Get from Here to There?

David Meade | CROSS 2016

In his talk, David Meade provides a road map for those who are trying to determine how they can get on the mission field. For those seriously considering cross-cultural missions, this is an incredibly helpful resource.

Do Missionaries Build the Kingdom?

CROSS 2013

Who or what is charged with building God’s Kingdom? How do they go about fulfilling this task? Pastors Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert weigh in on this question in this breakout.

How the Health and Wealth Gospel Is Making the Global Church Sick

Carl Ellis | CROSS 2013

How is the prosperity gospel crippling the Church? This is the greatest challenge facing the Church today. Dr. Ellis believes this danger exists because the prosperity gospel looks most attractive to those in our communities that are in the sub-dominant culture.  We must be diligent in our defense of the true gospel preached in the Word of God.

Healthy Churches Everywhere: Is it Too Much to Ask?

John Folmar | CROSS 2013

In frontier missions settings among unreached people, is it possible that there are already churches there in operation? If so, can we expect that those churches will actually be healthy, robust in faith and practice? What should you be looking for in a church, anyway? John Folmar seeks to answer those questions in this breakout session.

Church Planting in Desert Places

David Furman | CROSS 2013

The gospel is the power of God for salvation. What does this have to do with church planting in places where the gospel has not yet been embraced? What unique role does the church have in spreading the gospel? What hope can the church planter have in times of discouragement and suffering while preaching the gospel?

If I Stay, How Do I Send?

David Platt | CROSS 2013

If you stay, and others go, what does it look like to be a faithful sender? What is the church’s role in sending along with the Christians’? David Platt answers questions like these in this breakout talk.

The Church as the Means and the Goal of Missions (Session IX)

D.A. Carson | CROSS 2013

D.A. Carson preaches on the social dimensions of both sin and the gospel. Sin doesn’t just send you to Hell, and the gospel doesn’t just save your soul. Each has necessary social, personal, and horizontal ramifications, culminating in the existence of and a commitment to the church, the bride of Christ, for it is in the church where the love of God is made known and reflected to the nations.