Next Steps for Goers

Preparing to be an Effective Missionary

By Protected for Security Reasons

Why Suffering and the Gospel Always Go Together

By Conrad Mbewe

My Experience as a Twenty-Something in South Asia

By Mandy Wilson

The Dilemma of Student Debt

By Luke Womack

Choosing a Sending Agency

By Zane Pratt

Dangers in Missions Today (Part 1): Church Planting Movements

By Brooks Buser

Dangers in Missions Today (Part 2): Insider Movements

By Matt Bennett

Campus Ministry Overseas

By Protected for Security Reasons

I’ve Been Called, Now What?

By SBTS Faculty

How to Get the Most Out of Short Term Mission Trips

By Mack Stiles

Singleness, Dating, Marriage

By Cyndi and Scott Logsdon

Help for Discouraged Christians

By Dane Ortlund

How to Feed Your Affections for Christ

By Don Whitney

Pursuing Holiness and Fighting Sin

By Jonathan Morgan

Discerning God’s Will

By Kevin DeYoung

Cultivating Humility

By Rachel Ware

How I Study My Bible

By Richard Chin

Loving Jesus by Loving His Church

By Ryan Robertson

Fighting Anxiety with Faith

By Trillia Newbell

Next Steps

“Next Steps” is a series of videos designed to help all who joined us for CROSS20 take the next steps in their journey with following Jesus either as a “goer” or a “sender.” Ready to watch the other videos in the series? Check them out below: