eight Talks through 1 Corinthians

God’s zeal for his own glory is not simply found in a few verses scattered throughout the Bible — it’s the heartbeat of every book in the Bible. At CROSS CON21, we’re going to walk through 1 Corinthians and consider how this truth impacts how we live. 

Speakers and Topics

j.d. greear
“The cross of christ (1 Cor 1)”

We stand on the supremacy and exclusivity of Christ. Christ’s crucifixion displays both the wisdom and power of God. We preach Christ because he is the only way to God. We share the message of Christ crucified because it is the ultimate revelation of God’s glory.

Omar Johnson
“The Word of God and the Spirit of God in the Mission of God (1 Cor 2)”

We have experienced the transformative power of God’s Spirit working through his Word. We cling to the sufficiency of scripture like our lives depend on it. We rely on his Spirit because we know we are insufficient and ineffectual—insufficient for the glorious task of missions and ineffectual to change the heart of a single sinner by our own devices. 

mack stiles
“The Importance of the Church in the Mission of God (1 Cor 3–4)”

We are absolutely in love with the bride of Christ. We are committed to building up local churches across all nations—starting with our home congregations but extending to the ends of the earth. We recognize the urgent need for churches that stand on scripture. We seek to plant churches—relying on God’s written Word rather than the wisdom of this world.

Trip Lee
A Call to Holiness (1 Cor 6:12–20)

We know that we were made for God such that he has total claim over every facet of our lives including what we do with our bodies. We refuse to compartmentalize obedience and minimize the significance of private sexual sin. Instead, we run from temptation and continually offer our whole persons—our bodies and our hearts—to God for the glory of his name in the nations.

“Singleness, Marriage and Missions (1 Cor 7)”

More than anything, we want to pursue loyalty to the Lord. We recognize that God gives the gifts of singleness and marriage for his glory. God wants some to marry for the avoidance of distraction and others to remain single so that they may be devoted to him. Whatever our lot, we resolve to use our singleness and marriage to extend his Kingdom and not our own.

kevin deyoung
“Idolatry and the Mission of God (1 Cor 8)

We relentlessly confess that our Triune Lord is the one true God—to whom everyone everywhere owes their allegiance. We recognize the urgency of missions because so many do not know the Father who made them or Jesus Christ who commands their obedience to his gospel. We joyfully lay down our freedom and anything that hinders other Christians in their obedience to God.

john piper
Dying to Our Rights for the Spread of the Gospel in the World (1 Cor 9)

We love God more than our rights, so we gladly lay them down for the spread of the Gospel. Knowing that Christ is the savior of the world, we live to call all people to repentance and faith. We strive to so conduct ourselves that we would commend the gospel in all that we do. 

david platt
Living for What Matters Forever (1 Cor 15)

Our future with God is certain and God has proven that by raising Christ from the dead. We declare our allegiance to the historic events of Christ’s life, death, burial, and resurrection. So, we offer our lives for the advancement of God’s kingdom knowing that He will graciously reward us. We refuse to live for anything less than that which is eternal.