7 Tips for Group Leaders

1. Pray

Ask God weekly to create in your students a deeper faith in Jesus and a greater passion for His name to be spread around the world. 

“God loves importunate (persistent) prayer so much that he will not give us much blessing without it.” —Adoniram Judson

2. Spread the Word

Send a text or email with a link to CROSS20.com and an invite to join your group. 

Here is an example:
“I’m registering for the CROSS livestream this December 29-30. It’s $10. Who’s in? www.CROSS20.com

3. Communicate to Your Group How to Register

When it comes to registration, groups have options:

Option #1: Have each group member register themselves.
Pro: Easy on you.
Con: How many will do it?

Option #2: You register your group and have each member reimburse you.
Pro: You’ll assure the group is signed up.
Con: Will you ever see that money?

Option #3: You register your group and have your church/ministry to cover the costs.
Pro: Simplest option for you and your group.
Con: Can your church/ministry afford it?

Tip: You don’t need personal information to register
If you opt for option #2 or #3, you can register the whole group without having any of their names or emails. 

4. Set Your Own Registration Deadline

18-25 year olds operate best with deadlines—at least in our experience! We didn’t include any price increases in order to keep the registration process simple (and affordable!), but you as a leader might find it useful to include your own deadline for planning purposes. 

Tip: Try to get on the calendar soon!
We recommend October 10. (10/10/20 is easy to remember!)

5. Determine Your Watch Party Location

We believe the CROSS livestream’s effectiveness will be multiplied through meaningful discussion times that take place throughout the event. For that reason, be sure you find a location that is conducive for both watching the livestream and conducting conversations. 

We’re here to help you.
We will provide discussion questions and topics throughout the livestream sessions. 

6. Create a Food Plan

We plan to broadcast the livestream from 6–10 p.m. (EST) December 29 and from 1–9 p.m. December 30. (These times are subject to change.) With this schedule, many groups are opting to eat meals together both evenings (i.e. two dinners). You may want to consider doing something similar.

Tip: Include Food Costs in Registration
If you choose to register your group and have them reimburse you, you might want to consider charging $20 per person  to help cover the cost of food.  

7. Meditate on the Lord’s Prayer

The theme for the CROSS20 livestream is the Lord’s Prayer. In order to best serve your group, spend some time reading and meditating on Matthew 6. 

If you have questions, email us or set up a video call.