Our message to group leaders:

We believe that the best way to experience CROSS CON21 is within a community that can encourage continued perseverance and discipleship beyond the last plenary talk. That’s why we strive to partner with local churches and campus ministries.

We hope to support your ministry to the 18-25 year-olds in your life by adding an exclamation mark to what you’ve been saying throughout the year. Our aim is to emphasize the clarity of the gospel, the centrality of the local church, and God’s heart for the nations. 

If you’re new to CROSS, you should know that CROSS is not a lighthearted event. We aim to match the tone of the topic at hand, which we see as serious, and yet joyful. As one of our founders, John Piper, said to a previous gathering at CROSS, “We don’t urge you to come to CROSS to make your life easy. We urge you to come to make your life count.”

everything you need to plan — in one place.

Group registration Rates

by Dec 29
Group 4+$139
Group 10+$129

If you’re unable to join us in-person, consider hosting a watch party. 

Prepare Your Group for CROSS CON21

If you’re interested in a way to prepare your group for CROSS CON21, consider gathering with them to watch and then discuss our Road to CROSS series. This series provides an introduction to some of the topics we’ll be discussing at the conference.

Group Leader FAQs

Q: Do I need personal information for each person that will be in my group?
A: No. We simply need the number of people who will be attending.

Q: Can I add to my group later?
A: Yes, email us at info@crosscon.com and we’ll make sure you can add to your group at the current group rate. 

Q: What if the conference cannot gather due to Covid?
A: All tickets will be refunded if we are unable to gather.

Read all FAQs.


“We were truly blown away by this conference. We now have a group of college students that plan to meet once a month with a mission mindset to continue spurring each other on in sending and going.”

— Ashton, MO

“Every year we are a part of CROSS we have students commit to going and students commit to sending.  We have been greatly blessed to see several now in full time ministry/missions and they often point back to their time at the CROSS conference as being foundational to where they are now.”

— Andrew, KS

“As senders, the importance of missions has never been higher to my wife and me. Because of CROSS20 we are looking at more ways we can give ourselves to Jesus, planning to attend CROSS CON21, and joining the missions committee at our church. Over this next year we really want to see what God is calling us to (we’re 24), which we plan to do through faithful and active involvement in our church, daily reading of God’s Word, and regular time in prayer. All advice we heard at CROSS20! “

— Avery, IA